Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day Three: Yet Again

Day three, SDS-PAGE (yet again). Checked on my 2nd electrophoretogram (from Day Two). It's better than the last one (from Day One), no bowling alleys but still not good. :(

Anyway, today's SDS-PAGEing went quite well, probably the result of our two days of practice. I haven't seen the output yet (destaining still in progress) but I sure hope it's better than the last. We'll see on Monday. 

Am not labbing tomorrow. Holiday. Long weekend ahead but I will keep myself busy by dehulling mungbeans. Mmmm... fun! 

Short post much? Blame this major headache!


  1. What's SDS-PAGE supposed to do anyway?

    Happy lab-free long weekend!

  2. Thanks! lab-free alright. it's the "happy" part i'm not quite sure about coz these mungs HAVE TO be duhulled by monday or else.. :\
    and you know how "fun" dehulling mungs is, right? :D

  3. Oh yes. Dehulling. I remember. It seems like yesterday. :-p

  4. Yeah, and i've still got like 900g of mungbeans left. :\