Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 13: On Dialysis

Today's agenda: Dialysis.

I've done this for the third time already and here are the steps that I follow in dialyzing my crude protein extract.

Step 1: Wash the dialyzing membrane with distilled water.
Step 2: Soak the membrane in boiling water for five minutes.
Step 3: Wash the membrane with distilled water again.
Step 4: Tie one end of the membrane with a cotton string.
Step 5: Fill the bag up with your sample.
Step 6: Tie the other end of the bag with a cotton string.
Step 7: Suspend the bag inside a container filled with the dialyzing buffer.
Step 8: Place the container inside a bucket packed with ice.
Step 9: Stir the dialyzing buffer using a magnetic rod and stirrer.
Step 10: Allow dialysis to proceed for several hours.
Step 11: Change the dialyzing buffer then resume dialysis. Change the buffer after every several hours.
Step 12: Allow dialysis to proceed until the required amount of time is achieved.

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