Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day Six: Pain

Day Six. 

My whole body's in pain. Clearly, trekking and hiking... not for me! I just wanted to lie in bed the whole day but, of course, I couldn't. I had to go back to the lab and grind my 16 grams of dehulled mungbean seeds.

Before dehulling:

After dehulling:

Grinding mungbeans using a mortar and pestle, for me, is more difficult than dehulling using a scalpel. I spent about three hours grinding and I hated every minute of it. Good arm exercise though, try it!

Short post. Tired. Wanna go back to bed. Whole body still hurts from yesterday's adventure. Arms, back, legs, feet. Ouch. Can someone lend me a wheelchair?

Oh, and I so can't wait for this week's episodes of American Idol. Adam Lambert as mentor and he will also be performing on results night! Something to look forward to , eh? :D

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