Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Barbie Mariposa-Inspired Look Trial 1

Hey guys! I watched Barbie Mariposa (again) yesterday and found Mariposa's look really pretty. So I tried to recreate it. 

Here's what I ended up with. It's not exactly the same as Mariposa's. I was just actually testing out the eyeshadow colors I'd be using and the technique. 

Note: Photos are enhanced (using Picasa). Obvious naman eh, di ba? :) I originally planned on just posting this on Instagram since this was just a trial look. Figured I'd post it here on my personal blog, too :)

I need to bring the purple eyeshadow into the inner crease and line my upper lash line just a bit more thickly. I barely lined it this time. I think I should also soften the outer corner.

I'll post the complete look on my beauty blog soon :)

Monday, July 30, 2012


Did this many months ago, just forgot to post. My hair's long enough for braids like this now. Yey! I tried doing a fish-tail braid for a change. I usually just go for the regular braid.

I think braids look really nice messy and textured, and on hair with highlights.

Unfortunately, my dark brown hair color didn't show up at all in the picture. Well, I wouldn't really expect it to show up. It's been a year since I colored my hair! HAHAHA. It's time to color it againnnnnnnnnnnn :)

If my hair were a few inches longer, the fishtail braid would have looked more like a fishtail. It's supposed to thin out as you go down to the tips of your hair. Anyway, might try this again now that my hair is 5 months longer (?) :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

To My Baby Misha

Four months ago, on March 6, one of our dogs passed away. Her name's Misha. She was just about to celebrate her 9th birthday on March 28 but too bad she never got to. Misha was a very good dog. She was family. I still miss her.

She was like a little sister to me.

She was a very sweet baby.

I will never forget her. 

Never forget how she liked sleeping on my bed, on the sofa, on her plastic chair, on the planggana, on newspaper, on rags, on slippers. 

How she followed us around the house, even to the bathroom. 

How she sang every time the ice cream man passed by. 

How she liked licking Moshi's ears clean. 

How she liked eating the plants in the garden, especially the lemon grass. 

How she liked eating the wallpaper thingy on our wall whenever she's jealous and making papansin

How she liked to sit on our laps. 

How she liked catching her food when we throw it in her direction.

How she loved sunbathing.

Her tail. 

Her big tummy. 

Her triangle face. Her petal ears. 

Her pink nose. 

Her soft paws. 

Her longganisa pose.

 Her pa-cuteness. 

Her Dobby face. 

I can go on and on, you know. 

I miss her everyday. 

Misha, we all miss you. Moshi misses you so much.

I love you, Mimi.