Monday, July 30, 2012


Did this many months ago, just forgot to post. My hair's long enough for braids like this now. Yey! I tried doing a fish-tail braid for a change. I usually just go for the regular braid.

I think braids look really nice messy and textured, and on hair with highlights.

Unfortunately, my dark brown hair color didn't show up at all in the picture. Well, I wouldn't really expect it to show up. It's been a year since I colored my hair! HAHAHA. It's time to color it againnnnnnnnnnnn :)

If my hair were a few inches longer, the fishtail braid would have looked more like a fishtail. It's supposed to thin out as you go down to the tips of your hair. Anyway, might try this again now that my hair is 5 months longer (?) :)

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