Friday, August 19, 2011

Dead, no more!

Oh, hey there! Hi, hello, my name is Aya! If you read my beauty blog (*here*), then you probably know me as "Codename Aya." Yeah, that's kinda like my screen name.

But anyway, as I've mentioned, I have a beauty blog and in that blog I talk about beauty, makeup, skin care and sometimes (just sometimes) fashion. If you enjoy blog posts about product reviews, hauls, tutorials and all that kind of stuff, or if you're the type of person who doesn't want to spend a lot of money just for makeup and whatnot, then head on over to my beauty blog! See you there!

Anyway, enough with the commercial. What's up with this new blog, you may ask? Well this "new" blog is not actually new. This blog was created by me more than a year ago but it died after a couple of months. It was known as "30 Days of Summer" back then because I created this blog to document my thesis-filled summer, one day at a time. My goal that time was to be able to finish my thesis in 30 days, just in time for summer graduation. Read *this* post to know the whole story. That's why if you look back at my "previous" posts, you'll see lots of chemistry-ish terms and rants. But if you check, I never got to write my 30th-day post. And you can guess why. :( Yeah, so that's how this blog died.

What a really sad ending for a blog, eh? But can you blame me for not wanting to look at it since? Of course I didn't want to remember the bitter and frustrating past. I didn't even have the guts to give the blog some kind of closure. Haha! That's how bad of a blogger I was. 

But now everything's changed. I am reviving this good ol' blog of mine... I gave it a whole new look. And a new name to go with the new look, too, of course! Basically, this blog will serve as my other outlet... you know, like where I can write anything I want about anything I want. I just don't wanna "contaminate" my beauty blog with posts that aren't actually related to beauty (contaminate... my, what a chem-ish term O_O).

Sooooooooo that's the story of how this blog died and how it is coming back to life again. Hope to see you again here soon :)


  1. Aww!! will follow you here sis.
    Follow my food blog too sis. :D

  2. Thanks girls! :) Followed you @Sweethestia :)